Community Created Collections

Community Created Collections are a growing archive of works developed
by Adelaide City Libraries community members.


Allen Tiller - Haunted Buildings in Adelaide Residency Collection Artist in Residence – Joshua Searson Artist in Residence – Machines of the Future – James Dodd Artist in Residence – Message in a Bottle – Cynthia Schwertsik Artist in Residence – Queen Adelaide Historical Project – Amanda Hassett Artist in Residence – Stuck on You – Kat Coppock Artist in Residence – The Collections Project – Chris De Rosa Artist in Residence – The Collections Project – Dan Withey Artist in Residence – The Serial Oracle – Elise Bonato Artist in Residence – When Creatures Collide – Michelle Britton Filmmaker in Residence – Nick Lyons History Month Exhibition – 2015 History Month Exhibition - 2017 Innovator in Residence – Virtual Reality – Daish Malani Mindshare Mental Health Coalition Exhibition – 2015 Mindshare Mental Health Coalition Exhibition – 2016 Musician in Residence – John Denlay Musician in Residence – Music is Everywhere – Adam Ritchie Poet in Residence – Bookish – Gareth Roi Poet in Residence – If These Books Could Talk – Sarah Jane Justice Poet in Residence – Mind the Garden – Alysha Herrmann Poet in Residence – The Words I’d Wish They’d Heard – Sarah Jean Nelson Poet in Residence – What is Possible: From Hour to Hour – Petra Szabo Sala Exhibition – 2014 Sala Exhibition – 2015 Sala Exhibition – 2016 Sala Exhibition – 2017 Sculptor in Residence – The Queen Adelaide Project – Scott Eames The Golden Rule Exhibition The Postcard Project Exhibition Videoconferencing the World – Sustainable Living – Michael Mobbs