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  Keep coming back to this page for updates about our special events including author visits.

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Bookings are essential for all events, Please call us on 8563 8440 or email us library@barossa.sa.gov.au

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SHP 2019/2020


Summer Children's School Holiday Program.


Sessions fill quicly so book early!









SRC 2019Statitics show the slump in reading when children don't "practice" over summer. 

To help you avoid this, we are again offering our summer reading program, with an international theme. 

Call into your nearest library branch, grab a form and your "passport" and start recording the number of books and the time spent reading -  prizes are up for grabs at the end.










TSS image

 If you're over 60 and looking for some help with technology, we regularly run "Tech Savvy Seniors" sessions. Each session is designed to cover one topic or device.

Bookings are essential, please contact us on 8563 8440 or library@barossa.sa.gov.au to enquuire about the next round of sessions.






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