Book Clubs

Internal Book Groups

Do you want to meet interesting people and have lively discussions about books?
Why not join a Burnside Library Book Group?
Book Groups follow a yearly program and meet monthly in the Burnside Library Living Room to discuss that month’s book. 

We have a variety of Fiction Book Clubs with vacancies, as well as a Non-Fiction Book Club. There is also a Mandarin Book Club and an Audio Book Club for readers with vision impairments. 

If you are interested in joining, please fill in the Burnside Library Book Group Application Form or contact the Burnside Library on 8366 4200.

Private Book Clubs

However, if you and your friends want to start your own Book Club - we can also help! 
Private Book Clubs are welcome to join us for the use of our book sets.
We have over 400 titles available for our Book Groups.

Contact the Burnside Library on 8366 4280 to find out more.

More information (including the current booklist) please visit the City of Burnside's Library website.