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SA's public libraries are proud to announce the launch of the new Libraries SA app.

Our app is free to download and puts your public library in your pocket.

App features:

  • Use your phone as a library card

    Store your 'X0' and 'D0' number and barcode on your phone

  • eBooks & Audiobooks

    Read our massive range of titles on your tablet or phone

  • Digital Magazines

    Free access to more than 400 big name magazine titles like Women's Weekly, Top Gear, Men's Fitness, Elle, Vogue and Better Homes & Gardens

  • Online Learning

    Free access to thousands of courses covering topics like design, business, animation, photography, digital and technology

  • Scan any book, DVD or CD barcode to see if it’s in our libraries

    You could be at a friend’s house or even out shopping when you see an interesting book, DVD or CD…just scan its barcode to see if you can borrow it from your library

  • What’s On

    See which events are happening at a library near you

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