The Mount Gambier Library is designed for the enjoyment of all members of the public.

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for customers and staff, the following public code of conduct has been developed:

  • Customers should consider the comfort, safety and needs of others and behave in a manner which will not disturb or offend other Library users
  • Parents/guardians/caregivers are responsible for the behaviour of children in their care while in the Library and should consider the comfort, safety and needs of other Library users
  • Customers are required to treat other people, whether customers or staff, in the Library, with respect and courtesy
  • Food and drink may be consumed in all areas of the Library (with the exception of the Les Hill Historical Centre) as long as it does not damage Library materials or result in cleaning
  • Customers must follow directions given by Library staff in relation to the use of the Library and its services

The following behaviours and practices are unacceptable:

  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Aggressive, abusive, insulting or unsafe behaviour to other customers or Library staff
  • Leaving children or others who require care unattended in the Library
  • Damaging or destroying Library materials or property
  • Viewing, sending or receiving inappropriate material via the Library’s electronic resources
  • Infringing copyright protections
  • Distribution of flyers, surveys, advertisements, petitions or other notices to the public within the Library except with the approval of the Library Manager

Failure to observe these conditions may result in the offending person(s) being asked to leave the premises and/or being suspended from future use of the service, subject to the discretion of the Library staff.